We have installed new noodle manufacturing machine, allowing the possibility of wider range of noodles.
We manufacture over 100 varieties of noodles, such as yellow noodles, white noodles, curled noodles, straight noodles, medium-fine noodles, thick noodles, as requested by our customers.

High quality Australian made flour is mixed with newly installed mixer. The wing of the machine is 2 shafted. By adjusting the time and speed, and by mixing both within and outside, the moisture is spread evenly, producing beautifully smooth noodles.

To increase the density, 2 pieces of dough are combined into one roll using compounding machine. This process produces noodles that are smooth with elastic texture.

By wrapping the dough in plastic and maturing it, the moisture spreads entirely, and blends evenly. Dough that has been matured is like a string cheese that tears vertically smoothly but not horizontally unless it is done so with force. It also produces elastic texture.

Repetitive rolling of matured noodle ribbon, using continuous flattening roller, produces elasticity. It has 4 rollers and 2 lines are set after renewal.

Unlike many noodle manufacturers that utilize single roller, and repeating the process four times, we are able to finish this process at once with 4 rollers, producing thin dough without exerting stress on the dough.

Finally the dough is flattened and cut. Varieties of cutting blades are available, depending on the type of noodles.

Cut noodles are then placed on a conveyor belt, for weight and foreign substance check, before packaging.

Noodles that have been packed into boxes are matured in a special fridge with fixed ideal temperature, before been shipped. By maturing, the flavor and taste of the flour increases, and also bring in elasticity.

Manufacturing Process of Gyoza

We manufacture over 100,000 various gyoza daily, such as pork gyoza, spicy gyoza, vegetarian gyoza, seafood gyoza, chicken gyoza, kimchi gyoza and beef gyoza.
If you are updating your menu or opening a new store, please enquire us.

Fresh high quality ingredients are used everyday, to make gyoza filling every day. Cabbage, onions and mince are used in abundance.

Using high quality Australian made flour, and by adjusting the time and speed of mixing both within and outside, moisture is spread entirely and evenly, producing smooth dough. After maturation, the dough is put through a feeder to be kneaded, producing dumpling skin with elastic texture that has a crunch upon frying.

Dough that has been repeatedly flattened, is dusted with flour and cut into shape.

Dumpling is moulded automatically by machine.

Filling is placed onto the dumpling skin whilst maintaining a fixed temperature. The machine is adjusted so that maximum amount of filling can be placed evenly on to the skin.

Final gyoza product is produced and moved through on a hygienic conveyor belt.

Every single product is checked and transferred onto a dedicated tray. It is then placed on to a special carriage to be transferred into a large freezer.

Packaged gyoza are checked one by one using metal detector, before been boxed and shipped. As it is something that we consume, we exercise extreme caution.