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    Noodle and Gyoza Specialist WPM Japan
    Provider of Delicious Ramen and Gyoza Nationwide!!
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    Australia’s number one noodles & gyoza
    There will be queues in your store!
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Noodle and Gyoza Specialist WPM Japan

Provider of Australia’s number one tasting Ramen Noodle and Gyoza! We have Pork Gyoza, Vegetarian Gyoza, Seafood Gyoza, Spicy Gyoza, Chicken Gyoza Kimchi Gyoza etc and Shumai Dumpling.
So please don’t hesitate to contact us if you are considering updating your menu or opening a new store.

Ramen (Raw, Frozen)

Over 100 varieties of noodles are available such as, Yellow Noodle, White Noodle, Curled Noodle, Straight Noodle, Medium-Fine Noodle, Fine Noodle, Please enquire thickness of noodle and number of grams.


We have varieties of gyoza available, such as Pork Gyoza, Spicy Gyoza, Vegetarian Gyoza, Seafood Gyoza, Chicken Gyoza and Kimchi Gyoza.

Ramen Soup

WPM’s original soup available in 4 flavours, Miso base, Soy sauce base, Salt base, Wafu Tonkotsu base. All Flavors can be adjusted to client’s liking.


Filling such as Pork Mince, Vegetable, Seafood, wrapped in specially manufactured super thin dumpling skin. The dumplings are precooked, so can be enjoyed simply by warming it in the microwave.

Deliciousness delivered with just one bite

WPM Japan began manufacturing noodle and gyoza from November 2008, followed by the addition of shumai and soup base to the menu.
Today, we manufacture over 100 varieties of noodles and 40 varieties of gyozas.

We strictly abide the Food Safety Regulations of NSW Food Authority, manufacturing high quality and safe products.
We conduct regular inspection, based on food safety program such as HACCP, fulfilling high quality and safe products.

In order to manufacture high quality and safe product, we regularly review the selection of high quality ingredients and manufacturing procedures.
To satisfy our customers, our products are manufactured within Australia, using Australian made high quality flour and meat.

We distribute to Japanese restaurant and retailers in major Australian cities ( Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Cairns, Perth, Adelaide) and New Zealand.
Recently we have begun distributing retail sized Ramen and Gyoza.